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Association of Machinery and Equipment Appraiser Certified AMEA


The Association of Machinery and Equipment Aprraisers (AMEA), are individual machinery and equipment appraisal professionals who have demonstrated their proficiency through testing and peer review. AMEA's function is to accredit and certify its metalworking machinery appraiser through continuing education and written testing procedures, and develop standards for the industry.


Machinery Dealers National Association Member Since 1946 MDNA

Member in good standing since 1946

MDNA member dealers offer trust, integrity, and the most extensive selection of used machinery in the world. We encourage you explore our Web Site and take advantage of the benefits of buying from an MDNA dealer.

The foundation of the MDNA is our Code of Ethics. As a condition of membership, MDNA members agree to abide, unequivocally, by the terms of the Code, and renew this pledge annually. The Code is policed by the association's membership. Complaints brought from alleged Code violations are handled by the MDNA's Ethics & Mediation Committee. Severe violations have resulted in expulsion from the MDNA.