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Fermat Precision CNC Horizontal Boring Mills Fermat Robotic Tool Crib - This Changes Everything!

The Fermat Automated Tool Crib is a game changer. The German engineered and built automotive grade robot tends the Fermat automated tool crib. The Kuka robot is a masterful mover with a double armed tool changer that is prepared to deliver and load tools up to 60 kg. It is ideal for the implementation of the changing of milling, boring, drilling and reaming tools. The 105 static tool pockets in the crib have no moving parts such as traditional carousel or belt type units. This fact coupled with a tremendously long service interval for the Kuka product makes for increased production and decreased maintenance and down time. The tools can be exchanged either to the working spindle or to a predefined position on a (FERMAT ONLY) automatic milling head.

FERMAT / KUKA Automated tool crib specs:

Maximum Number of Positions: 105 tools

Standard number of tools (able to change by skipping a tool rack)
  • Tool Length 100mm- 45 pcs. / Max Diameter: 180mm
  • Tool Length 150mm- 30 pcs. / Max Diameter: 180mm
  • Tool Length 200mm- 15 pcs. / Max Diameter: 180mm
  • Tool Length 700mm- 15 pcs. / Max Diameter: 180mm

Maximum Tool Diameter:
  • 180 mm all pockets occupied
  • 370 mm every other pocket occupied

Maximum Tool Weight:
  • 35kg (both arms occupied)
  • 50kg (one arm occupied)
  • 2500kg (entire rack)

FERMAT / Kuka Robotic Automated 105 Station Tool Crib IMTS 2014

Timo Boll vs. KUKA Robot - Teaser

"The Duel" Timo Boll vs. KUKA Robot