Fermat Heavy Duty Precision CNC Horizontal Boring Mills
SuperTec Supertec Cylindrical Grinders

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The Supertec Universal Cylindrical Grinder has been designed for between-center and chucking operations. With models available in manual (M models) or automatic infeed (NC model), the machine comes in 8”-10” swing by 20” center distance.

Common grinding applications for these models include but are not limited to horizontal shaft grinding, taper grinding, and plunge grinding. Versatility is further extended with the addition of the optional swing down internal grinding attachment for internal grinding applications.

NC models offer the added value of automatic infeed, and a Mitsubishi PLC Touch Screen Control with easy to read, easy to run, shop fine increment, spark out passes, feeding direction, parking position and retracting clearance then press cycle start to complete the automatic grinding cycle.

The NC model uses a ballscrew and AC Servo Motor on infeed. Manual positioning of the infeed is easily accomplished with a manual pulse generator (3 increment settings).

Model G32P-60NC

The SUPERTEC Cylindrical Hydraulic Grinder has been developed for between-center and chucking applications. Available in manual feed (M Models) or automatic infeed (NC Models), this series of grinders offers a 10”, 12.5” or 15” swing, and a choice of 24”, 40”, 60” or 80” between centers for various grinding applications. The application is further extended when the optional swing down internal grinding attachment is supplied for internal grinding capability.

G32 models are available as straight wheelhead (P) or angular wheelhead (A).

All machines feature a Meehanite box-type base, hydrostatic table ways, swiveling workhead and table, variable speed workhead, separate hydraulic system, 7 ½ HP spindle motor w/ cartridge type spindle, and automatic lubrication for unsurpassed precision and productivity, Models with automatic infeed capability use a Mitsubishi PLC control with a menu-driven LCD touch screen that is easy to learn and easy to set. Operators need only to fill in the blanks to set total grinding amount, rough increment, fine increment, spark-out passes, feeding direction, parking position, wheelhead retract distance then press cycle start to complete the automatic grinding cycle. An optional overhead parallel dresser with automatic compensation system helps to reduce cycle time and obtain better surface finish. These grinders are sure to provide many years of peak performance and accuracy.