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Why Purchase ACER Machines?

The ACER knee type milling machine is not yet another foreign made mill with a name tag slapped on it as so many are today.  ACER manufactures the “E-Mill” and has complete control over the quality of their product and has done so for 25 years.  ACER‘s attention to detail has pushed them to create one of the most comprehensive, informative and useful web-sites that we have seen in the Tool Room machine tool market.


Features of the ACER web-site that support shop floor solutions:


(Example) Mouse over Milling Head Parts Breakdown,


(Example) Mouse over electrical component breakdown,


(Example) Complete Machine parts breakdown,


(Example) Complete Machine user Manuals,


ACER E-Lathe 17" x 60" Mouse Over Parts,

(Example) Headstock control parts, 


(Example) Headstock Breakdown, 



Acer’s “unswerving commitment to excellence” shows up strong in the product, the factory service, and a technically oriented web-site that offers practical solutions. Please take a minute and review the Holiday Specials to see if there is an ACER machining solution that fits your particular requirement today.